Hemp In The Heartland

Everywhere I went in Ohio, the Hemp Collection was well received. Even in the middle of a photoshoot (see epic shot of The Millenial Dress by Eartha L. Goodwin) at The Mustard Seed, I found myself selling pieces to excited people.  Despite a brake failure car accident the night before, I enjoyed the culmination of the Ohio trip at Uncorked Wine Bar with a trunk sale and preview.


soy swoop top
Jamie and Megan showed a few ways to wear the soy swoop top for instant sustainable style!
songstress Natalie Grace Martin entertained with introspection and beauty.
The warm glow of the cozy bar of lovely people, the glorious art work in the gallery, and the delicious wine added to the charm of this enchanting evening.
Joshua looks fly in the red hemp silk pullover. This one has a few more surprise details to be added before it debuts in the shop.
The Eartha tunic collage
This is Eartha wearing “The Eartha Tunic” that I intuitively created for her in hemp yarn dyed “Port”. I’m thinking I should recreate this right? It would also look great in black hemp jersey and yarn dyed hemp in “storm gray”.
trunk sale ladies
I am very blessed to be able to travel and create and have gorgeous supportive friends all over the world!

May your day be full of joy and sustainability!! xxoo Yabette


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