Impulse of Elevation

As I’ve been working this week on designs for an editorial print opportunity and feeling the San Francisco subtle signs of Autumn, I am thinking future, I am thinking bold, and feeling the mystic undertones of our planet. Here are a few of my inspirations to share.

sense8 Dolores park
Yes, this is Dolores Park, an authentic SF scene in Sense8.

I discovered this last Spring, but I cannot stop telling people about it as it’s such a clear front-runner of intelligent, artful entertainment by no less than the WachowskisIf you enjoy complex brilliance, epic global beauty, and a strong focus on evolving consciousness, you should have already watched Sense8 on Netflix, with a wild anticipation for season 2.

THIS Borgue Zip-Up Top is fascinating sci-fi couture! Buy it from local SF label, IIMUAHII, designed by Project Runway designer, Elena Slivnyak.


Thirdly, the soulful Adele voice in this video is giving me life with its gorgeous, glorified wallow in melancholy.

May Autumn bring bold color, crisp air, and a zest for life in all of its amazing facets! xxooYabette

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