Hemp Goes Hi Fashion for Gilded Magazine

Rad in Swankety Swank gear for Gilded Magazine. photo by Nam Dinh Studios
Rad in Swankety Swank gear for Gilded Magazine. photo by Nam Dinh Studios

Having been focused on ethical fashion since my conception of Swankety Swank as a bag maker in San Francisco circa 2003, I am noticing more and more momentum towards conscious consumerism.  This is a good thing for global citizens of course. When all people are considered over profits, everyone wins.

I am appreciative of participating in this spread as stylist and clothing creator on a talented team for Gilded Magazine Issue 016, Volume 2-028. Since fashion mags are often not yet spotlighting eco friendly fabrics, or even how things are made and who made them, it is up to consumers to demand it.  Though I will add that many editorials are couture pieces and not under the same scrutiny as mass produced products. So I am going to break it all down in this fashion editorial.  Slow fashion is set at true cost, since cheap fast fashion is paid for by the suffering of global citizens in far away places. More education about that helps everyone in the eco fashion industry.

Autumn Rad
Rad wears Swankety Swank.  photo by Nam Dinh Studios

Starting with Rad’s look, this Trans jacket is a singular piece, created for this shoot. It is made with vegan chiffon, which is a poly fabric that has similarities with silk, but does not use silkworms in its fabrication, which is why vegans prefer it. I love the colors, the transparency, and the lightness of vegan chiffon, but I am careful to use small amounts of it, as it’s not the most ideal fabric for the Earth. Adding in a fabric that IS Earth friendly, is a step in the right direction- as has been done here with the black hemp and organic cotton blend jersey pockets. This is also the fabric used on his warrior pants, another one-of-a-kind piece made with hemp crepe.

The urban gray hemp crepe was the lightest hemp I could find in my search for the Earth friendliest version of vegan chiffon! Another one-of-a-kind piece like it is this Hemp Crepe Tunic worn here by Avi Saini. (not part of the Gilded Magazine shoot)

Avi in Swankety Swank Hemp Crepe Tunic and Slim Joggers

Back to the fashion spread, the next look is hemp head-to-toe on Alina.

Alina in hemp
Alina in hemp.  photo by Nam Dinh Studios

She is an Earth goddess here in a one-of-a-kind yarn dyed hemp and organic cotton top in storm gray that was created for this photoshoot and has since been sold to a young and smart San Francisco fashionista. The Enterprise dress in the same hemp yarn dyed fabric is available and can be see here on Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador, Tiffany. (not part of the Gilded Magazine publication.)

Tiffany shines in the Enterprise Dress for Swankety Swank. MUA for this look is Marine Vaisset

In the photo below, Alina is undoubtedly the coziest she’s ever been on a high fashion photoshoot with her Hemp Trousers in fleece. YES, you read hemp fleece. This is a miracle winter fabric in my opinion because it has all of the soft cozy, live-in-forever-feel of fleece, WITH the breathability of natural fibers, WITH the ruggedness of hemp strength, and WITHOUT the stench of those typical poly fitness fabrics that hold bacteria. Did I mention hemp is antibacterial? This is where I go on a slight tangent to say that these are the pattern pants that I plan to produce in higher quantity. I, in fact, LOVE mass production when it is done ethically. THAT is how my “Hemp in Every Closet” goal will happen. Mass production done ethically, means made locally or certified Fair Trade, with Earth friendly fabrics. This method will not come cheap, but offers a product of long lasting quality and feel good ethics, a priceless contribution to the future.  The next photo shows her wearing the hemp jersey black pullover as dress in an easy, cozy, sexy look for Fall.

Alina in Head to toe Hemp for Gilded Magazine. photo by Nam Dinh Studios

The last tearsheet glows with several fabrics on the lovely Hanna here. Her first look is more vegan chiffon in this dayglow pink floor length shrug (one-of-a-kind), with hand dyed hemp silk petal pink trim. It is worn over a very soft organic cotton T Back Tunic. The silvery bamboo fabric of the last look is one of my favorites. It was also acquired in my mission to find a natural fabric as light and transparent as vegan chiffon. It is even better in the softness catagory, and rather delicate in the best way. It is a one-of-a-kind look with a cross over the chest made from hemp and organic cotton duck in gray.

Hanna in ethical fashion from Swankety Swank for Gilded Magazine. photo by Nam Dinh Studios

I also made a custom bag for a favorite client in New Mexico from that same hemp/organic cotton duck fabric shown below on the glorious Saucy West in hemp French terry top and organic cotton stretch denim leggings. (not part of Gilded Magazine shoot.)

While working with the best Earth friendly fabrics, I have found so many options and the momentum towards a global citizen united future will ensure that ethical fashion continues to thrive. If you have a favorite ethical fashion fabric, feel free to leave it in the comments to help any who may read this. May we all live long and prosper.

xxoo Yabette

Saucy for Swankety Swank
Saucy for Swankety Swank

Gilded Magazine A Touch of Autumn 

Team Credits

Photographer: Nam Dim

Models: Radomir Sepa, Alina Myroshnyk, & Hanna Kim Bae

Makeup Artist: Cindy Huynh

Hairstylist: Esme Gutierrez

Stylist: Yabette Swank

Stylist Assistant: Mercedes Abraham

Clothing: Swankety Swank

Jewelry Designer: Claudia Kussano


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