The Hemp Launch to Heal the World

While that’s a lofty headline and sounds like a claim similar to the 90s diet pill fen-phen being great for your health, I am telling you the truth. And these pants will not be recalled by the FDA.

At this time last year, I rebranded Swankety Swank and launched the new website with the Hemp Collection. After a year of sewing samples, traveling around the country, getting opinions and testing fabrics, I am certain that the launch of the hemp fleece trousers are going to plant a seed that will change everything. You will never know a pants fabric that is more rugged, more cozy, smooth on the outside, “fleecy soft” on the inside and as long lasting as these. And you’ll only find them exclusively from Swankety Swank.

But first, here’s a photo of Rad in a Hemp Duster that is also being launched because doesn’t he look cool? When I told him at our photoshoot that I’d have him wear the duster with a tee that I cut up and would scrawl a positive and semi rebellious word that epitomizes his generation, he called it out. I knew it was perfect. That intuitive knowing from being in a high vibration creative flow state is always genius.

hemp feminist
hemp feminist model Radomir Šepa in a storm gray Swankety Swank Hemp Duster.
Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador in Hemp Hooded Crop and Hemp Trousers
Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador Tiffany Marie Hill in Hemp Hooded Crop and Hemp Trousers

Why the word “feminist” is semi-rebellious is a story to be unpacked by better writers than I, and it goes along with the idea of hemp saving the world. The alignment of equality for women, equality for all humans, protecting our Earth, and healing it is all tied up with us- EACH of us as individuals! We love to blame the government, the corporations, and the banks for all of our woes, but those institutions are made up of people. We use the banks, buy the drugs, drive our oil filled cars, and vote with our dollars! If we want to have a world with more eco friendly fabrics, that heal the Earth rather than destroying it, and clothing made that does not cause suffering to other humans- we have to produce them, and consumers have to buy them. But the real crux of that is the joy!! It is fantastic to feel good when you are wearing fabrics that are natural and Earth healthy.

I can think of nothing more joyful than marching into a San Francisco sewing center with our order dollars, and setting up hemp clothing production. And this is your invitation to participate. I’ve set up an affordable cost as a reward to those who help get the production ball rolling. Both the unisex hemp trousers and the unisex duster can be yours for under $200 (+tax) with free USA shipping. I’ve yet to find a generous cut hemp fleece trouser  with drawstring and deep front pockets made in USA, blended with organic cotton that are available for $90 in sizes up to 3x. You can knock me out with a feather if you can even find a floor length zipped and hooded hemp duster coat in 4 colors and sizes up to 3x!

So let’s make this happen. We have until November 13 to get them at the pre-order price before Christmas. Twenty orders of each is the goal!

Order one pair for you and another for your sweetheart, your teenagers, or your Grandma now.

If you want to help without increasing your wardrobe, feel free to make a hemp production donation via paypal.

Now enjoy this slideshow of photos and help us by sharing this post, liking it, subscribing to our blog and our social media. The rewards and content are specialized for each.

xxoo Yabette

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Hemp is an alternative natural fiber that’s cultivated with low impact on the environment. It requires no irrigation, uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and is harvested and processed by hand. It’s one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, and results in a fabric with a wonderful drape, comparable to linen.

Unfortunately, industrial hemp is illegal to grow in most parts of the world because government agencies continue to associate it with marijuana. Swankety Swank high-quality hemp is currently imported from China, through a fair practices company in Colorado, and we continue to hope that it might someday grow freely again throughout the USA.

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