When the Soul Sings: Tiffany Marie Hill

You can easily see how beautiful she is, when gazing upon Tiffany Marie Hill in Swankety Swank or otherwise. What you may not know, is how strong and big and pretty her heart is on the inside.

Tiffany in eco chic Fall Swankety Swank lyrical look: bamboo and hemp harness dress with goddess head piece by Venus Superstar. MUA Belle by Marine.

After having worked with Tiffany Marie Hill as Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador for a blissful 6 months, I am keenly aware of this. Her smart and passionate approach to life is evident in all that she does. Especially with music. She is inspired by entertainment and says, ” I fell in love with music, which turned me to fashion. I remember my friend who moved to the Bay from Canada, was a model, and I asked her how do I get experience. She introduced me to Model Mayhem. I slowly started getting comfortable in front of the camera and started working for trade with other local photographers. I have been inspired by everyone. I love runway! Seeing Victoria’s Secret shows or musicians outfit changes on stage during a concert is all why I am here.”

Tiffany channels her inner rock star with this hemp Riveter Jumpsuit and jewelry by Venus Superstar. MUA  Belle by Marine.
When things are tough, Tiffany keeps her positive attitude and continues to rise. She talks about starting as a teen in this industry, growing up and going through different body changes, taking some time off and then pushing through what she calls “the standard bull crap”. She says, “The struggles of trying to get signed by an agency… you walk in and some don’t really even take a look at you. My favorite is when they say to me, “I’ve just hired a girl who looks like you.” I always think, well can she do what I can do? No one knows what we can really do until you give us a chance. There are so many talented people I know who deserve a chance.”  She continues to pave her lane and says, “I have come a long way, yet have so far to go.”
Hem pand vegan chiffon shine on Tiffany with this Swankety Swank Transparency Jacket, leggings and Infinity scarf.
Hemp and vegan chiffon shine on Tiffany with this Swankety Swank Transparency Jacket, leggings and Infinity scarf.

While she says she likes “it all in different ways”, she loves celebrity designers like Alexander McQueen,  “dope creators” from her travels to New York and LA, and local Bay Area designers as well. She lists her favorites (and I am thrilled to be one of them) as she says, “Rachel Riot and Maison Michel Ange are two of my favorites who have the style and vibe I just dig. I’ve had the opportunity to hit the catwalk for them both in the bay. And then there’s The Original Bunn Funn, Ms. Sara Bunn in Jersey. She educates with her fashion. She brings passion, storytelling and culture to folks visually. She is one to definitely keep your eyes on. I have recently had the pleasure of becoming Brand Ambassador for Swankety Swank and my eyes have officially opened up to ethical and sustainable fashion. Before working with Yabette, I’ve never put on any kind of Hemp clothing. She is helping us save water and I am a water advocate. I am down for these four that I have mentioned. Ethics, style & no sweat shops! Not to mention all are kick ass and an absolute great time to be around. I am blessed to have worked with them.”

Tiffany takes on North Beach in hemp with the Enterprise Dress and Goddess head pieces by Venus Superstar.
Tiffany takes on North Beach in hemp with the Enterprise Dress and Goddess head pieces by Venus Superstar. MUA by Belle by Marine

Within the next three years, she sees herself continuing in a possibly relocated area on a larger scale still working toward her mission, and she knows she’ll still be in entertainment and helping people in some way.

Larger than life in hemp with earrings by MorninGlorias
Tiffany Marie Hill sends thanks to all who have supported her this far and says,  “Check out Swanketyswank.com & take 20% off with code TIFF20. Spread love and drink more water!”
xx00 Yabette
Follow Tiffany on IG and Twitter.
 All photos and clothing design by Yabette Swank
Get Venus Superstar here or at Wild Feather in San Francisco
Ablaze in Glory with hemp Riveter Jumpsuit and Venus Superstar jewelry
City Sunset: Tiffany is ablaze in regal light with the hemp Riveter Jumpsuit and Venus Superstar jewelry.


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