Golden Field of Prosperity with Hemp

Amanda in hemp silk

Hemp has gone hi-fashion again with another published work with my styling and designing efforts. The prosperity of this plant is multi-mega-extra-mucho. While my redundancy is unnecessary, I simply cannot over emphasize how double-thumbs-up it is and why it is truly a “golden field of prosperity for bank accounts and the environment”.

A quick top 10 list in case this is the first you’ve heard from me:

  1. super fast growth
  2. leaves the topsoil better for the next crop
  3. drought worthy plant- uses very little water to grow- 2/3 less than cotton
  4. no pesticides needed
  5. can be used for vast amounts of products- the US alone has over 2000 different uses and we IMPORT all of it to make our products- therefore huge demand!!
  6. naturally produces antibacterial fabric
  7. strong fibers
  8. sustainable
  9.  for every ton of hemp grown 1.6 tons of carbon is absorbed.
  10. hemp produces 4x the pulp for paper than trees and takes 5 months to grow
(facts and more found at Colorado Hemp Project)

My obsession continues and I’m pleased to share another published hi fashion hemp moment with 7Hues magazine‘s Cinemascope Issue 11 “Golden Field” Editorial.

Amanda in vintage jacket lined in hemp silk, with natural hemp stretch leggings and gold hemp silk dress

If you are a size small fashionista, you can get the one-of-a-kind hemp silk swoop neck golden dress on sale, or the one-of-a-kind vintage print jacket.

You can also get hemp/organic cotton/ lycra leggings in all sizes of natural shown above on Amanda or black like these, worn on Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador Tiffany Marie Hill.

Tiffany wears hemp leggings and criss cross crop with vegan chiffon and hemp floor length shrug

It was several hours of fun for creating this knotted shrug!  Here is the rig I had set up while hand sewing scraps together and weaving them into a garment.


shrug-making-1In keeping with the ethics of slow fashion, the Hemp Knotted Shrug was designed to use every scrap. It is paired with a hemp natural crop and stretch hemp and velvet skirt for a lux winter look, that one may say has Amanda resembling Star Wars Rogue One character, Jyn Erso.


The hemp silk jacket, perfect for the holidays, is on sale as well.


I feel a big appreciation for the talented team that made this happen and here they are with Instagram names.

Photography: @NamDinhStudios
Model: Amanda @prettywithink93
MUA | Hair: Heather @heatherwerner
Stylist: Yabette @yabetteswank @SwanketySwank
Jewelry by @sundarimanijewelry

For unpublished hi-fashion, grab a hemp Swankety Snakes logo tee and thank you for supporting sustainable fashion. -xxooYabette

Tiffany wears a logo tee and hemp fleece trousers

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