The Magnificent Abundance of Hemp-Illustrated

hemp sticker
The abundance of hemp is truly magnificent.  When I started this endeavor to create a sustainable clothing line, I set out on a mission to create what I want to see in the world.  For my clothing line, I want sexy, versatile clothing that is made sustainably. At the core of sustainability is a spectrum of choices and actions. One choice I will always rejoice in is the choice to use hemp as a main fabric in my collections. I’ve learned that the hemp plant can create some gorgeous and varied fabrics; it’s been a pleasure to get to know and work with these luxurious fabrics. In addition to fabric, the hemp plant can be used for building materials, food, clothing, consumers textiles, plastics, paper, bio-fuel, and toxic waste management. It was also a surprise to learn that hemp plants were planted at the nuclear site Chernobyl to clean the soil of nuclear contamination.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were all hemp farmers. Hemp is a benefit to farmers. It grows with no pesticides. A crop of hemp is grown in an environmentally friendly way and actually replenishes the soil after harvest with its leaf compost and topsoil friendly roots. I decided to use hemp fabric for my designs because the fibers in hemp are very strong and long wearing. A hemp shirt is long lasting, made without toxic chemicals and in fact, will kill and stop the spread of bacteria. With all of this knowledge, I was inspired to create a series of oil paintings about hemp and the hemp plant. My intention is to show the brilliance and abundance of hemp and  to bring more momentum and attention to this huge environmental solution.

Read on to learn more about how every part of the hemp plant has benefits to mankind.

 The Magnificent Abundance of Hemp

Prosperity of Hemp

The Prosperity of Hemp

Prosperity is measured with the 25,000+ products made with hemp, the absence of pesticides in the farming environments, the richer soil, and the added well being of an easy, profitable crop. Our farmers could be making money growing industrial hemp now if our elected officials changed the law to allow the US to join the global hemp market and thrive.

seed of hemp

The Seeds of Hemp

The magnificence of the hemp seed can be found as it’s used for oil, food, hygiene products, and more. What else can be used for human protein, healthy food, and also fuel a diesel truck?

Roots of Hemp

The Roots of Hemp

The roots of hemp are helpful for pain inflammation, burns, and other topical uses. They can be found in a variety of products like massage oil, balms, bath soaks, and lotions. Because the long taproots of hemp help retain the topsoil, it is an ideal rotation crop.

The Stalk of Hemp

The Stalk of Hemp

Some of the newest stalk uses are concrete, fiberglass, and plastics that are biodegradable! The dynamic power of this plant is found in its fibers for textiles. As a natural insect repellent, it also kills and stops the spread of staph infection. The textiles that are made with the stalk are incredibly strong and long wearing, while giving a natural, breathable healthy feeling.

cross section of hemp

The Cross Section of Hemp

The hemp stalk center is the deluxe place for harvesting fiber that offers excellent textiles. This can be used for the manufacturing of cars, many different fabrics, ropes, paper, plastics, animal bedding and more. Hemp that is bred for the fiber is grown to be very tall and thick, offering fantastic strength in all of its industrial uses.

sprouts of hemp

The Sprouts of Hemp

Hemp sprouts are extremely nutritious and said to be quite tasty. Live seeds are illegal in the US, so the sprouts are as well. However, where they are legal, they can easily be made from live seeds for pure, raw nutrition. New growth is the epitome of thriving and these are the sweet beginnings.

Leaves of Hemp II

The Leaves of Hemp II

The tall shape of the hemp plant and all of the leaves on it provide a thick cover when grown as an industrial crop. This means no pesticides are needed to keep it healthy. It also provides shelter for fantastic wildlife like the corn snakes! (used as models for the Swankety logo). The leaves also offer natural compost soil replenisher for the next crop to grow on the farm.

meditation of hemp

The Meditation of Hemp

Meditation is the magician’s way of creating thoughts to things. Hemp fields are largely illegal in the US. Imagine the feeling of immersing yourself into a field of hemp. The feelings of wellness with this visualization can help make more hemp fields a reality.

Industry of Hemp

The Industry of Hemp

More than 25,000 products can be made with hemp. This staggering number adds to the puzzle of why we Americans are the largest hemp consumers in the world, and still have to import the seeds, oils, and fibers that are used for US manufactured hemp products. The hemp plant is a huge solution to many environmental and health issues, including the auto, fashion, energy, and agriculture industries.

Some of these paintings are still available for purchase. You can find them in the Swankety Swank Shop.