The Hemp Launch to Heal the World

While that’s a lofty headline and sounds like a claim similar to the 90s diet pill fen-phen being great for your health, I am telling you the truth. And these pants will not be recalled by the FDA.

At this time last year, I rebranded Swankety Swank and launched the new website with the Hemp Collection. After a year of sewing samples, traveling around the country, getting opinions and testing fabrics, I am certain that the launch of the hemp fleece trousers are going to plant a seed that will change everything. You will never know a pants fabric that is more rugged, more cozy, smooth on the outside, “fleecy soft” on the inside and as long lasting as these. And you’ll only find them exclusively from Swankety Swank.

But first, here’s a photo of Rad in a Hemp Duster that is also being launched because doesn’t he look cool? When I told him at our photoshoot that I’d have him wear the duster with a tee that I cut up and would scrawl a positive and semi rebellious word that epitomizes his generation, he called it out. I knew it was perfect. That intuitive knowing from being in a high vibration creative flow state is always genius.

hemp feminist
hemp feminist model Radomir Šepa in a storm gray Swankety Swank Hemp Duster.
Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador in Hemp Hooded Crop and Hemp Trousers
Swankety Swank Brand Ambassador Tiffany Marie Hill in Hemp Hooded Crop and Hemp Trousers

Why the word “feminist” is semi-rebellious is a story to be unpacked by better writers than I, and it goes along with the idea of hemp saving the world. The alignment of equality for women, equality for all humans, protecting our Earth, and healing it is all tied up with us- EACH of us as individuals! Continue reading

The Ridiculous and Sublime

Gorgeous Edwardian Ball Pieces By Yabette

by Christine Donley Allababedi

The San Francisco Edwardian Ball is right around the corner.  Swankety Swank is showcasing several fantastic pieces in stock that are perfect for the Edwardian Ball (and New Year’s Eve!) and Yabette is now taking orders for custom pieces.

You can find the pieces now in the Swankety Swank Shop.  For more information on ordering a custom Edwardian Ball piece, please email



crimson cape back web

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What To Wear For New Year’s Eve

Swankety Style for Special Occasions

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner…do you have your look together?  If you’re hunting for a beautiful piece to make your New Year’s dressing a sexy, sustainable snap, read on. We’ve got looks for both men and women. And each piece will take you from a fabulous New Year’s Eve into a stylish 2016.

The Little Black Dress

Hemp little black dress single The Little black dress

Nothing says sexy like the little black dress. What makes this one extra-special is the cozy, hemp/organic cotton french terry material.  It has a little stretch which allows to hug your body in all the right places.  Available in sizes S-3X.  Grab the Swankety LBD here. Continue reading

Introducing #InstaGlamTop

Arguing for your limitations is never helpful. 

The expansion of my soul, my life, my opportunities is never ending joy!

That being said, the Swankety Swank Re-brand Hemp Collection Project is in progress. Like an oversize St. Honoré cake, it’s a plan of grand scale and epic goodness. While that’s cooking, I have something fun and helpful debuting this Thursday, July 16 12-7pm  at Annie’s Trunk in the Yerba Buena District of San Francisco.

Take your outfit from doldrums to divine with one piece!

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Happy Hemp Day

Smooth Sailing Ahead
Smooth Sailing Ahead

I’ve been talking about a new clothing line for over 6 months, but I am finally on the home stretch of my 20 pages of business plan. I can see the finish line for that and the beginnings of a new Swankety Swank venture! I am excited for the future as any version of this plan will be outstanding. (There are tiers of output depending on the funding.)

I’ve been dreaming and sketching. The first collection will be inspired by The White Place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is earthy and magical, with white light rock castles and topaz skies.

santa fe 2nd week 135

I can already feel the yards of luxurious hemp silk in my hands for creating! Continue reading

A Swankety Swank Faerie Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, creatures of all shapes and sizes, persuasions and intentions, allow me to introduce to you A Swankety Swank Fairy Tale!

Narrator STORM tells the tale

Once upon a time in a deep dark forest, there lived a princess who created original handmade faerie fashions. She and her friends loved to dress up in the clothes they made, dancing and storytelling until the early morning. Continue reading

Summer lovin……

San Francisco summer is in full effect…. just barely warm days,  brisk, chilly nights and lots of fog.  Every San Franciscan knows that layering is the way to get through this season gracefully. If you don’t know them already, we’d like to introduce you to our answer to the San Francisco summers:  the arm warmer.   The arm warmer is the perfect thing to slip into your bag in the morning  to wear later when the fog rolls in.  We have a diverse selection of materials:  knitwear, lace, cotton, velvet,  some stripped and so much more.   It is a good way to add some style to your ensemble, and add some coverage to bare arms when it gets chilly.  We also recommend the arm cuff.    These pretty little things keep the wrist and upper hand warm, all while making the wearer look super cute.  Swankety Swank carries arm warmers and cuffs for ladies and the fashion forward lad.

Modeling a selection of arm warmers and other items available at Swankety Swank are STORM and Anna, our summer love birds.  At least for this story…….

I met a boy, cute as can be. Anna in Zunique black lace arm warmers ($46) and Darina Drapkin lace shirt ($160)
I met a girl, crazy for me. STORM in Novy t-shirt ($24), Project Transaction belt and leather cuffs ($42-$56), Palas Key Necklace ($70) & Anna in Zunique ($46)
Summer lovin, happened so fast. STORM in Novy t-shirt ($24), Project Transaction belt and leather cuffs ($42-$56), Palas Key Necklace ($70) & Anna in Zunique black lace arm warmers ($46) and Darina Drapkin lace shirt ($160)
Summer lovin, let's use our flasks. DAS leather corset flasks ($48). Anna is gibbous hat ($60), Wysterium Wear cuffs ($22) and STORM in Novy shirt ($24), Zero Necklace ($80), and DAS top hat ($400)
Summer lovin, he's making a pass. DAS leather corset flasks ($48). Anna is gibbous hat ($60), Wysterium Wear cuffs ($22) and STORM in Novy t-shirt ($24), Zero Necklace ($80), and DAS top hat ($400)
Anna with DAS corset flask ($48) and Wysterium Wear cuffs ($22)
He got friendly, holding my hand. STORM in Novy t-shirt ($24), gibbous button arm warmers ($40), Hannah Ruskin Key necklace ($22) and Anna in Wayward Shiftys striped arm warmers and Eileen hairpin ($30)
Summer fling, don't mean a thing. Anna in Wysterium Wear cuffs ($22), Eileen hair pin ($50) and STORM in DAS top hat ($400) and Zunique arm warmers ($50)
I told her, when the summer ends, we'd still be friends. STORM in DAS top hat ($400), Novy t-shirt ($24), and DAS cuffs ($56) and Anna in Eileen hair clip ($50), Wysterium Wear cuffs, ($22)
Then we made, our true love vow.. STORM in DAS top hat ($400), Novy t-shirt ($24), and DAS cuffs ($56) and Anna in Eileen hair clip ($50), Wysterium Wear cuffs, ($22)
Oh, those summer nights. STORM in DAS top hat ($400), Novy t-shirt ($24), and DAS cuffs ($56) and Anna in Eileen hair clip ($50), Wysterium Wear cuffs, ($22)

And here’s a few solo shots with Anna solo showing more varieties of our selection of arm warmers.

Anna is Wysterium Wear cuffs, ($22)
Anna is Wysterium Wear cuffs, ($22)
Anna wears Zunique black lace gloves ($46) and Darina Drapkin lace top ($160)

Photographs and writing by Aurelie Sandrine

Indie Artist Trunk Sale This Saturday!

Swankety Swank Fashion Forward, March!
At Swankety Swank, we are bustlin’ with excitement about the vendors we have participating in this Saturday’s Indie Artist Trunk Sale!  Here are a few items by their respective creators so you can get a sampling of some of the amazing one of a kind handcrafted work that will be available to you!

Kim of Krafty Kitten has been sewing since she was 8 years old and is inspired by rockabilly, cholabilly, psychobilly, pin up, punk and mexican culture.  Above, Krafty Kitten showcases a blue and white polka dot halter dress.

Sayuri Designs creates handcrafted feather accessories for hat and hair!

Salvaged and Stitched produces unique hand made home decor!

Ryan Humphries creates etchings, woodcuts, screenprints, monoprints, drawings, ceramic sculpture and oil paintings. His work combines disciplined, delicate draughtsmanship with unihibited imagination.

Satin Corset creates jewelry that evokes vintage, antique and Victorian nostalgia.  They describe their work as “Sweet, vintage chic. Victorian opulence. Charmingly antique, rustic redux. Flowers, pearls, glass, antique brass, little details, sparks of color & whimsy.”