Yabette and the Swankettes at Lyres & Lace

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of accompanying Yabette and her Swankettes (aka:  models) Katherine, Eartha, Dex, and Andrew to the Lyres and Lace: Music and Fashion Show at the Swedish American Hall.  For this show, Yabette combined her sustainable and up-cycled fashion pieces with hand-painted canvas corsets and patches, creating wearable art.  When the crew arrived, we were immediately sent to a photo session set-up by the organizers.  It was a bit chaotic, as all the participating designers’ models came in and out to have their photos taken before going on the catwalk.  It was here that I got a really good look at Yabette’s work.  Her goals for “Honoring Beauty, Earth, and Age” were well represented.  Yabette’s artwork translates well to fashion because the expression of movement only enhances the beauty of her designs.  She was unique in having the only male model and the only plus-sized model in the show.   The setting of the Swedish American Hall was the perfect backdrop for this music and fashion show and we were really inspired by the environment, the musicians, and the other designers.   Overall, the night was a smashing success.

See something you love?  Can’t live without?  All pieces are available for purchase at Swankety Swank.

Photographs and writing by Aurelie Sandrine

SwankSpeak #3 Available Now!

SwankSpeak! #3
The 28 page second issue of SwankSpeak! is a meaty magazine created with sincerity, intelligence and love. This delicious issue #3 (limited print run) features:

Interview with artist, designer & Fleuvog Award Winner Phoenix Zoellick!

Photographic fashion story “Serendipitous Society” by Eartha L. Goodwin featuring a dozen Swankety Swank artists/designers and Jim Siegel. master of the Westerfield Mansion!

Creative Genius, a column about inspiration & art with essays by Tom Napack (Dangerous Muse), Konstantin Pogorelov (Couscous Collective) & Zan Christensen (The Mark of Aeacus)!

Muse of the Month Miranda Caroligne of the Haight St. boutique Trunk!

Galaxy Runway, a two page comic strip by STORM, creator of Princess Witch Boy!

If you love this issue of SwankSpeak! (And we think you will!) consider purchasing a year’s subscription!

Start Your Art Walk With Swank Style!

Divisadero Art Walk
Hey fabulous folks!  Do you enjoy art, good food and shopping?  Would you like to be a part of the exciting evolving renaissance of Divisadero Corridor?  Make sure you mark Thursday, June 3rd on your calendar because it’s time once again for the Divisadero Corridor Artwalk and Swankety Swank is the first stop!

Yabette & STORM

DJ Rio will be spinning funkadelic tunes all evening and STORM (SF Weekly’s Best X-Men Tarot Reader) will be reading 3 card spreads for ten dollars from 7pm to 10pm.  This a good opportunity to get a taste of the X-Men Tarot X-perience which is an hour long reading for only forty dollars!
Kurtis Rykovich's "Nesting Among Lemons"

Come check out the amazing artwork we have on display! The painting above is titled “Nesting Among Lemons” and was created by the fantastic Kurtis Rykovich!  We have two more pieces by Kurtis and you simply have to see them in person to experience their exquisite sweetness!  We also have gorgeous oil paintings by Simone Coulars, men and women’s clothing by amazing designers like DAS, gibbous, Wayward Shifties, Zunique, Wysterium, and many more, feather hairpieces by Eileen, leather cuffs and belts by Project TransAction, and SF Weekly’s Best Local Skincare Line By Nieves!  There’s much more to see and experience at Swankety Swank, so come on down to the Divisadero Artwalk and see for yourself!  Thank you for supporting local handmade goods!

The House of Swankety Swank Presents: The Emerald Moon Affair

Beltaine:  When sky and earth collide, the fires of creativity are ignited…
Emerald Moon promo
Lords and Ladies, don your finery and join us on May 1st from 7pm until 11pm as we celebrate the Beltaine Spirit of Spring’s Awakening with Art, Fashion, Music and Revelry!

Artwork by:
T. W. Chui
Laura Parsons
Kathryn Bernard
Sarah Woodward

Fashions by:


Music by Foxtails Brigade

Also featuring Heroic Tarot by STORM!  Receive a 3-card reading and discover reflection through STORM’s signature divination skills!

Join us as we reflect on the growth we have achieved this year and tie on a ribbon of intention on our Maypole!

$10 Sliding Scale Admission.

Emerald Moon promo back

Swankety Swank Spotlight: Alex Alfaro

Many loving and talented hands are involved in the day to day existence of Swankety Swank and some of them work behind the scenes to make this haven for artists possible.  One of those amazing folks is co-proprietor Alex Alfaro!


Alex has been a supporting force for Swankety Swank since Yabette began making her art furniture in 2003.  He hauled dressers, tables, desks and more to their third floor apartment so Yabette could paint them with her unique visions.

Alex working

Alex is still the primary muscle for Swankety Swank today.   Alex and Yabette are always on the hunt for furniture to upcycle and when it is time to pick up or deliver a new piece, Alex gets the job done.  Being hard of hearing, Alex employs the help of his deaf friends Gonzalo and Odilan.   Alex works full time at Toolworks, an agency dedicated to “providing services that increase economic and social opportunities for people with disabilities.”  He’s a regular renaissance man, managing to find time for Toolworks, Swankety Swank and his wife Yabette and their six year old son Ian.  In the image above, Alex applies new coats of paint to a vanity.  While Yabette plans the overall design for the art furniture, Alex is in charge of preparing each piece for its makeover.  He sands, primes, paints and replaces drawer handles and knobs.  Their teamwork has produced over 300 pieces since 2005.

Favorite Art

Gifted with a unique sense of humor, Alex brightens up Swankety Swank with his laugh and a penchant for practical jokes (which mostly involves surprising people out of their wits).  In the above photo, Alex and Ian impersonate their favorite piece of art (Desiree by T.W. Chui).

Alex wears Medium Reality shirt

Alex models a shirt from the Medium Reality men’s clothing line, available at Swankety Swank.

Hunky Husband Alex

Alex in shirt and tie by Medium Reality.

Medium Reality Jacket

Alex on Divisadero St. wearing a jacket by Medium Reality.

Please join us in celebrating Alex Alfaro, community leader, event security, men’s line model, furniture craftsman, and artists advocate!

SwankSpeak! Issue #2 Available Now!

Print The House of Swankety Swank proudly presents SwankSpeak! a bi-monthly ‘zine from the boutique gallery Swankety Swank!

Located in San Francisco, California, Swankety Swank offers Conscious Consumer Commodities for Mind, Body, Spirit and Home!

Swankety Swank represents handcrafted items from over 20 local artists including furniture, accessories, and clothing from babies to Papas and Women sizes 2-24. We take our commitment to honor Earth, Age, and Beauty seriously and we celebrate our artists and community with Art Walks, Trunk Sales and Gallery Openings.

The 24 page second issue of SwankSpeak! is a meaty ‘zine created with sincerity, intelligence and love. This delicious issue #2 (limited print run) features:

Interview with DAS-OWL fashion house designers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe!

Photographic fashion story “Natural Magick” by Eartha L. Goodwin featuring Tiff Rojas & Mary Van Note (Mary is also our “Muse of the Month”)!

“Creative Genius”, a column about inspiration & art with essays by Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Kelly Lydick (Mastering the Dream) & Serena Valentino (Fairest of All)!

Galaxy Runway, a two page comic strip by STORM, creator of Princess Witch Boy!

Come visit us at 289 Divisadero (btw Haight & Page Sts.) in San Francisco for your own copy!

If you love this issue of SwankSpeak! (And we think you will!) consider purchasing a year’s subscription! (sold on our Etsy site).

When you buy a subscription to SwankSpeak! you will receive 6 issues of SwankSpeak! a year! That’s 4 issues of consumer consciousness and creativity coming from our House to Yours!

San Francisco Fashion Forward. March!

Indie Artist Sidewalk Trunk Sale Monthly Launch

Saturday, April 17th 11am to 4pm

2010 sidewalk sale Promo
Join us in support of handmade, community and shopping local!

Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Soundsystem and Sunday Soul will provide a smooth and groovy afternoon sound scape.
Trunk Sale Artists:
Darina Drapkin: Steampunk & Edwardian finery
Jade Rivera: Curiouser & Curiouser Accessories
Juror 2: Steampunk Jewelry and Madcap Tees
Lita Ward- beautiful jewelry
Aranonymous SFCA -well dressed modern girl’s clothing and accessories
Wayward Shifties -steampunk clothes and accessories
more TBA

Swankety Swank Bay Area Artists/Designers:
gibbous fashions
Eartha Goodwin
Darina Drapkin
Wayward Shifties
Rusty Cuts
Laura’s Little Luxuries
Jeremy Novy
Bleu Loo
J. Bemis
Miranda Caroligne
Mark Hawkins
Stephanie Mufson
Kathryn’s Krafts
Tara Graves
Medium Reality
Animal Instincts
Rock n Roll Babies
Project Transaction
Beads of Beauty

Current Natural Magick Art Show Featuring the following (unless otherwise mentioned):
Sheri DeBow
Teresa Moore
Alicia DeBrincat
Alicia Rockafellow
Scott Franklin
Paul Lewin
Sheri Jurnecka
Alyx Lance
Sarah Soward
Radio Free Clear Light
Jason Starr
Diana Blackwell
Tim Lukowiak
T.W. Chui
Jordan Quintero
Adriana Sparkhul
Tim DeSoto
Tracy Starr
Kevin Kreutler

Complete 2010 Spring/Summer Sidewalk Trunk Sale Schedule:
Sat. April 17th: Launch Date
Sun. May 16th
Sat. June 5th
Sun. July 11th
Sun. Aug 15th
Sun Sept 19th
2010 sidewalk sale promo back

Neighborhood Networking!

Notice our new fantastic banner? John, who lives on our block, said he was inspired by my artwork and created a new banner for us! Check out his impressive creative company, Amazing Media.

5 thousand by Phoenix Zoellick

Speaking of neighbors, there’s a new shop across the street called Prairie Collective. They are artists of Magpie and Rye, Studio Choo, and The Cloak and Dagger Society. Go see their super cute space and adorable things for your home and body.

Support your neighborhood at the artwalk this Thursday. We’ll have new art on display, as well as Phoenix‘s art shown above (follow her link and vote for her fluevog design) and refreshments as we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary and march into our 4th year of business!

Happy Spring San Francisco!