Up the Scales on Central Market: Sunset Piano Opus 3

While being out of town last summer, following the Sunset Piano Journey was my wistful pleasure. When I found out Mauro Ffortissimo and Co were furthering the pursuit of piano street performance with a new San Francisco sanctioned version on Market Street, I could not miss the first concert.

Sunset Piano Opus 3 lights up a Central Market Corner in San Francisco.
Sunset Piano Opus 3 lights up a Central Market Corner in San Francisco.

The truth is, there’s nothing really classier than a grand piano. What a charming way to elevate 6th and Market street, adding to the flavor of the Show Dogs restaurant corner in Central Market area of San Francisco. From contemporary classical and jazz to  swanky standards, the piano performances gave passersby and Sunset Piano Followers a lovely treat. Continue reading

High Spirits with Stephanie Mufson

The adorable Stephanie Mufson is a creative force of talent, humor, and enterprising energy. She is another perfect third to the triangle foundation of this week’s Infinite Union:A 3 Woman Art Show. It’s especially wonderful that the Artist Reception on Saturday falls on her birthday and will be quite the celebration!

While she is currently creating constant commercial work as the manager of the Bay Area’s Parade Float and Prop House East West (Aka The Parade Guys) at pier 54 in San Francisco, she is also creating whimsical graphic art pieces. While their sculptural nature adds to the subject, their airy qualities of buoyant joy are quite evident!

"Floating II" mixed media, 32"x 20"
detail from “Floating II” mixed media, 32″x 20″

Here’s her thoughts on this current work: “Dark and Light. Interior and Exterior. Dreaming and awake. Us and Them. known and unknown. Alan Watts pointed out the obvious truism that you can’t have a front with out a back. They are inherently, inseparably connected, like two sides of the same coin.

The space in between, that liminal tunnel that connects one to its opposite, is the place that connects us all to each other and everything that is. And is not. And lost in the interwoven maze of material and metaphor, like a ship on the ocean, or a balloon amongst the stars, we find our selves tangled, alone. Together.”

"Floating" mixed media, 36x16"
detail from “Floating” mixed media, 36×16″

Make sure to catch Stephanie at the pop-up gallery at 66 6th St. in San Francisco this week from Friday December 13th, to Tuesday December 17th. XXOO Yabette

Live Painting at Lil Red Presents

Today I helped set up the rabbit hole studio space, and worked in collaboration with Joshua Page in Rubber City.

We’ll be doing another collaborative mural at The Rabbit Hole at Lil Redpresents in Akron, Ohio to be sold as a fundraiser for future art endeavors via silent auction . Location: 60 S MAPLE ST, Akron, Ohio 44303.

The night will feature DJ sets from  Dj Orion Rob, Kflow, and Derek n the Rabbit hole.

Here’s our work in progress today…  See you Wednesday night Akron! xxoo Yabette

first glimpse
first glimpse

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A Swankety Swank Faerie Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, creatures of all shapes and sizes, persuasions and intentions, allow me to introduce to you A Swankety Swank Fairy Tale!

Narrator STORM tells the tale

Once upon a time in a deep dark forest, there lived a princess who created original handmade faerie fashions. She and her friends loved to dress up in the clothes they made, dancing and storytelling until the early morning. Continue reading

Stars Collide at Swankety Swank

For Immediate Release

When: Saturday July 17th
Where:  Swankety Swank

On Saturday July 17th, 3 constellations of the San Francisco solar system will converge for a night of music, community, creativity, insight, and love.  San Francisco duo Heart of Orion will perform songs from their new CD, a beautiful collaboration between songstress Danielle Kerley and composer Ty Oz , at Swankety Swank.  The House of Swankety Swank’s tarot master STORM will be offering 3 card readings of his magical X-Men Tarot, for a special price during the event.

About Heart of Orion: Ty Oz is a classically trained composer and a degreed student of both world music and psychology. While Ty has devoted his life to composing and playing music, Danielle began her journey into music in 2006, when she found herself unable to ignore the song that was composing itself inside her mind in a church in Edinburgh.  A life-long cross-genre artist, she found a new and fulfilling expression in song writing, and has continued to write and sing in collaboration with Ty, creating melodic electronic music with political and social ideals inspiring their work.  There is another deep emotion at the heart of their music, and that is love.  What started as a professional collaboration developed into something more personal and tender, a lifelong partnership.  Music, love, creativity, the healing power of art and the importance of being part of a creative community unite this musical duo.  For the release of their first CD, they wanted a location that also embraces their ideals and values, and they found that in Swankety Swank.

Swankety Swank is an artist retail co-op that  represents over 20 local artists producing hand made items for your mind, body, spirit and home. Featuring art furniture, art shows, accessories and clothing from babies to Papas and Women sizes 2-24, Swankety Swank also believes in the healing power of art, and embraces the ideals of an inclusive community that celebrates beauty in all forms, shapes, and sizes.  Please join us on Saturday July 17th from 6-9pm for a magical night of celebration and enlightenment.  For a musical preview, check out their Myspace page.

STORM wears top hat by DAS with gibbous jacket, while Danielle looks lovely in pink dress by Zunique with skirt by Yabette; Ty dons a dapper waistcoat & ascot by DAS.
Photos and press release by Aurelie Sandrine, styling by Yabette Alfaro.

Start Your Art Walk With Swank Style!

Divisadero Art Walk
Hey fabulous folks!  Do you enjoy art, good food and shopping?  Would you like to be a part of the exciting evolving renaissance of Divisadero Corridor?  Make sure you mark Thursday, June 3rd on your calendar because it’s time once again for the Divisadero Corridor Artwalk and Swankety Swank is the first stop!

Yabette & STORM

DJ Rio will be spinning funkadelic tunes all evening and STORM (SF Weekly’s Best X-Men Tarot Reader) will be reading 3 card spreads for ten dollars from 7pm to 10pm.  This a good opportunity to get a taste of the X-Men Tarot X-perience which is an hour long reading for only forty dollars!
Kurtis Rykovich's "Nesting Among Lemons"

Come check out the amazing artwork we have on display! The painting above is titled “Nesting Among Lemons” and was created by the fantastic Kurtis Rykovich!  We have two more pieces by Kurtis and you simply have to see them in person to experience their exquisite sweetness!  We also have gorgeous oil paintings by Simone Coulars, men and women’s clothing by amazing designers like DAS, gibbous, Wayward Shifties, Zunique, Wysterium, and many more, feather hairpieces by Eileen, leather cuffs and belts by Project TransAction, and SF Weekly’s Best Local Skincare Line By Nieves!  There’s much more to see and experience at Swankety Swank, so come on down to the Divisadero Artwalk and see for yourself!  Thank you for supporting local handmade goods!

The House of Swankety Swank Presents: The Emerald Moon Affair

Beltaine:  When sky and earth collide, the fires of creativity are ignited…
Emerald Moon promo
Lords and Ladies, don your finery and join us on May 1st from 7pm until 11pm as we celebrate the Beltaine Spirit of Spring’s Awakening with Art, Fashion, Music and Revelry!

Artwork by:
T. W. Chui
Laura Parsons
Kathryn Bernard
Sarah Woodward

Fashions by:


Music by Foxtails Brigade

Also featuring Heroic Tarot by STORM!  Receive a 3-card reading and discover reflection through STORM’s signature divination skills!

Join us as we reflect on the growth we have achieved this year and tie on a ribbon of intention on our Maypole!

$10 Sliding Scale Admission.

Emerald Moon promo back

SwankSpeak! Issue #2 Available Now!

Print The House of Swankety Swank proudly presents SwankSpeak! a bi-monthly ‘zine from the boutique gallery Swankety Swank!

Located in San Francisco, California, Swankety Swank offers Conscious Consumer Commodities for Mind, Body, Spirit and Home!

Swankety Swank represents handcrafted items from over 20 local artists including furniture, accessories, and clothing from babies to Papas and Women sizes 2-24. We take our commitment to honor Earth, Age, and Beauty seriously and we celebrate our artists and community with Art Walks, Trunk Sales and Gallery Openings.

The 24 page second issue of SwankSpeak! is a meaty ‘zine created with sincerity, intelligence and love. This delicious issue #2 (limited print run) features:

Interview with DAS-OWL fashion house designers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe!

Photographic fashion story “Natural Magick” by Eartha L. Goodwin featuring Tiff Rojas & Mary Van Note (Mary is also our “Muse of the Month”)!

“Creative Genius”, a column about inspiration & art with essays by Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Kelly Lydick (Mastering the Dream) & Serena Valentino (Fairest of All)!

Galaxy Runway, a two page comic strip by STORM, creator of Princess Witch Boy!

Come visit us at 289 Divisadero (btw Haight & Page Sts.) in San Francisco for your own copy!

If you love this issue of SwankSpeak! (And we think you will!) consider purchasing a year’s subscription! (sold on our Etsy site).

When you buy a subscription to SwankSpeak! you will receive 6 issues of SwankSpeak! a year! That’s 4 issues of consumer consciousness and creativity coming from our House to Yours!