Easy Spring Refresher with Art

Spring Decorating on a budget is fun with these black and white sketches.

For the month of April I will include a free matte with any original (unframed) sketch purchase. Buy them here.

Put a grouping of these in sleek frames and you have a sophisticated spruce-up that will feel abundant and look much pricier than you paid!

sketch decor edit

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Sea Stars at home in the Hamptons

Today I am grateful for clients who send photos of their art arrangements with my work included! Here are the sea stars as part of the children’s bedroom at their Hamptons summer house.

They added just the right color, style, and ocean to their happy home by the sea.

"Sea Star Fire" 9x12" with art arrangement
“Sea Star Fire” 9×12″ with art arrangement
"Sea Star Water" 9x12" with art arrangement.
“Sea Star Water” 9×12″ with art arrangement.
Kids room art collage
Kids room art collage

If you are looking for a similar art piece, the last 2 sea stars are on sale in the shop for 20% off. Happy Weekend! xxoo Yabette

"Sea Star Earth" and "Sea Star Air" still available with "Angler Fish" and Conch Shell Dresser (sold) in the shop.
“Sea Star Earth” and “Sea Star Air” still available with “Angler Fish” and Conch Shell Dresser (sold) in the shop.


Tails Entwined Sea Horses

This original Sea Horses Oil 20×16″ is now in its new home.

It is bringing cozy couple love energy to this blessed bedroom.

Sea Horses Oil 20x16" by Yabette
Sea Horses Oil 20×16″ by Yabette

While the original is gone, you can still get this as a print on stretched canvas in 3 sizes.

This size is $100, while  larger options are available as well.

When seahorses find a mate, they wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn’t drift them apart.

They have that one mate for the rest of their lives.

May we all find Sea Horse love.

XXOO Yabette

Conch Call of new beginnings

As a child I was fascinated by a conch shell my Mother had as a souvenir from her honeymoon in the Bahamas. For me it was always a symbol of beauty and love and made me remember my parents’ photos of their young 20’s selves hanging out in the sunshine. In Hawaii, they use conch shells as trumpet-like instruments to signal the beginning of a large community ceremony or gathering.

conch-shell blow

In looking at the photo below, you can see this dresser needed a new beginning. I found it at a yard sale in my neighborhood, where its latest leg of life had it serving as tool storage in a dusty garage. (Surprisingly, this is a common story among many dressers I have transformed). Because it was so rough, I had to really think about tackling this project. But its bones where intact and the shape was still attractive, so I went for it!

Before, After, and detail on   The Conch Shell Dresser by Yabette
Before, After, and detail on The Conch Shell Dresser by Yabette

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May’s New Growth

As May springs forward with all the Beltane promise of abundance and joy, I finished a new Art Furniture piece. In the Steampunk tradition of updating the old with swankety style, this New Growth Lingerie Chest is waiting to gracefully adorn your dressing room.

New Growth Lingerie Chest by Yabette
New Growth Lingerie Chest by Yabette

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