Isn’t Life Luscious?

Having just returned from two months away from San Francisco, on an epic “Healing and Inspiration Journey” involving six states and two European countries, I applied myself straight away towards inspired projects. Here is the first of several in my energetic creation vortex!

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For the Love of a Successful Try

I love to try new ways of being creative, but somehow I have never associated this with cooking… until last week’s visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, when I made a batch of cookies with no recipe. (gasp) The best part about that is how perfect and delicious they were. So in honor of trying new things, (and because a few friends asked me) here’s the recipe using what was on hand. These are not super sweet- more along the lines of a nutty biscotti taste- add more sugar if you want them sweeter. xxoo Yabette

almond butter cookies

Almond butter cookies

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Satori arrived from a magical island of fairies and Mer folk. It is a sanctuary of beauty, peace, and bliss of which Satori favors. However, when situations arise to bring her out of this protected sphere, she wields a poison stinger that she will not hesitate to use when needed.

Satori 12" oil
Satori 12″ oil

Here is my process of painting her original portrait, available here. XXOO Yabette

satori start (1)
Second Round in progress
Second Round in progress
Satori detail
Satori detail