Sound Collage for New Paradigm Thought

Putting my audio engineering certification to good work, I wrote this track and “painted” it with a collage of soundbites from an array of my favorite spoken ideas. In the comments of the actual wave file I have a reference for all the main speakers.somni

From Sonmi 451 to  Glenda the Good Witch there are many messages to hear. Settle in for 12 minutes of aural paradoxical relaxation and provocation! xxoo Yabette

Artist Showcase at Earth Fare Block Party

Join myself and artists Doug Meyer of Rustbelt Rebirth and Eartha L. Goodwin this Saturday, September 28th at The Earth Fare Block Party in Fairlawn, Ohio. We’ll be showing art furniture, photography and more! I’ll be demonstrating live painting from 12 to 4pm.  This may be the last opportunity for viewing my work in action before I head back to San Francisco in 2 weeks! As always, you can get a piece for yourself here in my shop, but I will be offering special deals to Akron buyers!

The Block Party will also feature a bouncy house, crafts, give-aways, and many local artists!

Here’s a few photos of what to expect:

"Rubber City Story" 24x48" acrylic on sustainable board by Yabette
“Rubber City Story” 24×48″ acrylic on sustainable board by Yabette
"Crab Claw" Oil by Yabette with Rustbelt Rebirth Cart
“Crab Claw” Oil by Yabette with Rustbelt Rebirth Cart

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