Rubber City Reflections Upon Exit: Celebration October 9

Akron has been good to me. My whole outlook on the arts in Midwest towns has changed. I see that me having been mostly gone for 13 years has not left Ohio without growth! (Insert wry smile here.) Attitudes have shifted to understand that supporting the arts is essential to revitalize depression, not only on personal levels, but for macro-city-wide improvement as well. There are so many more venues and actual art sales happening in Ohio these days; it lifts my spirit to have witnessed the new growth.

So join me in my last hurrah here this Wednesday, October 9th, at Lil’ RedPresents on 30 South Maple Street in Akron, Ohio. I am inspired by, dedicating, and donating my live creation to Lil’ Red and Joshua Page for their determination to bring more arts to Akron’s Nightlife. Watch my vision unfold on 36×96″ of blank board as you savor a mid-week drink, socialize with like minds, and shake it to the sounds of musician Derek, Dj’s Encyclopedia Brown and Secret Sauce.
Here’s the rest of my Akron story: the live paintings and reflections upon Ohio past, present, and future.

Live painting with oils at Angel Falls Coffee Company in Highland Square
Live painting with oils at Angel Falls Coffee Company in Highland Square: This was a second session from live painting of a tree on Lake Erie at a private party featuring the Mo’Mojo zydeco band.

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Roots and Tenacles

The howl of the wolf, the roar of the lion and the call of the raven are swirling around inside me as I INTEND TO STAY. Yes, I am putting a foot in Akron, Ohio with full intentions of releasing the fury of creative energy of which I am capable. Thriving on the highest good of all community, I wish to bring so many with me in this new endeavor.

"Roots and Tentacles" acrylic on board 96x36" by Yabette Alfaro and Joshua Page
“Roots and Tentacles” acrylic on board 96×36″ by Yabette Alfaro and Joshua Page

This was the first painting as a result of a live art collaborative performance in Akron for Lil Red Presents. It activated me. All my senses thrive under the pressure of 3 hours, a giant canvas, and the scrutiny of being watched as I progress from 96×36″ of blank board to that tangible evidence of amazing energy that encapsulates the evening. I want to do more- so many more in fact, that Joshua and I are going to find busy places during the day around Akron and set up an impromptu live painting and community outreach performance every week this month.

Am I leaving San Francisco? Yes, eventually. But my foot is still on the West Coast as well. The 12 years of creative output, marketing mania, and forward thinking there have led to this.

Are you ready for this Ohio? I will stir it up with a passion for justice, community, love, and peace! xxooYabette

Lil Redpresents

This was completed at the Lovethang Annual Picnic, and tonight, I’ll do a larger piece with The Rabbit Hole at Lil Redpresents in Akron, Ohio to be auctioned for children’s charity. Location: 60 S MAPLE ST, Akron, Ohio 44303.

“Octoplant” 8×10″ acrylic -painted on the fly at The Lovethang Annual Picnic 2013

Come join the dancers, the dreamers, the creators and lovers for a night of camaraderie, creativity and high frequency! xxooYabette