Impulse of Elevation

As I’ve been working this week on designs for an editorial print opportunity and feeling the San Francisco subtle signs of Autumn, I am thinking future, I am thinking bold, and feeling the mystic undertones of our planet. Here are a few of my inspirations to share.

sense8 Dolores park
Yes, this is Dolores Park, an authentic SF scene in Sense8.

I discovered this last Spring, but I cannot stop telling people about it as it’s such a clear front-runner of intelligent, artful entertainment by no less than the WachowskisContinue reading

Isn’t Life Luscious?

Having just returned from two months away from San Francisco, on an epic “Healing and Inspiration Journey” involving six states and two European countries, I applied myself straight away towards inspired projects. Here is the first of several in my energetic creation vortex!

luscious promoThis “Luscious” art show is a curated group of paintings celebrating the magic, the juice, and the mojo of the fantastical, the natural, and the abstract. Continue reading

Sound Collage for New Paradigm Thought

Putting my audio engineering certification to good work, I wrote this track and “painted” it with a collage of soundbites from an array of my favorite spoken ideas. In the comments of the actual wave file I have a reference for all the main speakers.somni

From Sonmi 451 to  Glenda the Good Witch there are many messages to hear. Settle in for 12 minutes of aural paradoxical relaxation and provocation! xxoo Yabette