So Luscious in LA This Weekend

As the last details of the Divine Feminine Cape fiber arts work for The Luscious Bum Project are completed, I reflect on love of self, compassion for others, and conceptual art. I have been overjoyed to have a chance to explore the double entendre that is The Luscious Bum.  On one side is the oil painting, an over-sized ode to the supple joy of the physical manifestation.

Luscious Bum by Yabette
Luscious Bum by Yabette Alfaro

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"Angler" Oil Painting 20x16"
“Angler” Oil Painting 20×16″

So a series of interesting events has the content of Swankety Swank  from November 2010 until now completely lost and deleted.  Talk about obstacles!! I wrote all about that on my other blog here. I am going through all the hoops again to get my domain name connected here and import the portfolios, etc. So please hang in there with me while this site is more clunky than I would like. I have been extremely busy with working on The Luscious Bum Project. More updates on that coming soon.