A little goes a long way for the Holidays

white room octo
I love the holidays. I love the lights and artful displays everywhere. I love drama and high impact style! While this 5×4′ “Joie de Vivre” painting is available for $3k (inquire at swankety@gmail.com to purchase) I am offering smaller art at gift prices from my year end bargains.

Here are a few examples of small art that makes a large impact. Go to the shop to see more art from as low as $50! View the portfolio (look at all options in the drop down menu) for the rest of the paintings that are available and email for purchase.

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Artist Showcase at Earth Fare Block Party

Join myself and artists Doug Meyer of Rustbelt Rebirth and Eartha L. Goodwin this Saturday, September 28th at The Earth Fare Block Party in Fairlawn, Ohio. We’ll be showing art furniture, photography and more! I’ll be demonstrating live painting from 12 to 4pm.  This may be the last opportunity for viewing my work in action before I head back to San Francisco in 2 weeks! As always, you can get a piece for yourself here in my shop, but I will be offering special deals to Akron buyers!

The Block Party will also feature a bouncy house, crafts, give-aways, and many local artists!

Here’s a few photos of what to expect:

"Rubber City Story" 24x48" acrylic on sustainable board by Yabette
“Rubber City Story” 24×48″ acrylic on sustainable board by Yabette
"Crab Claw" Oil by Yabette with Rustbelt Rebirth Cart
“Crab Claw” Oil by Yabette with Rustbelt Rebirth Cart

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Affordable Alchemy for All

“Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge

to all the generations of the world.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

I have been browsing Airbnb lately as I plan a short trip to NYC this summer. It was interesting to run across a listing in which the feedback complaints were about the lack of art. People are recognizing more and more how necessary art is to creating an inspiring environment. The highest priced places were the most colorful, with an artful presentation that brings a relaxed joy to the eyes.

With this in mind, I have been looking for ways to offer more affordable options of my own art, yet retaining a quality and presentation that is tasteful and lasting. So after researching and testing, I have found the solution with high quality art prints on stretched canvas. These are available in my shop listed by size and shape. For example, this “Joie de Vivre” Oil 48×60″ original is available for $3000. But you can get a high quality canvas print version ready-to-hang and delivered to your door in a 30×40″ size for $300 plus shipping. Or get the small version for your bath at an easy $100.

Have the "Joie de Vivre" 30x40" High quality canvas print in your home.
Have the “Joie de Vivre” 30×40″ high quality canvas print in your home.

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