A little goes a long way for the Holidays

white room octo
I love the holidays. I love the lights and artful displays everywhere. I love drama and high impact style! While this 5×4′ “Joie de Vivre” painting is available for $3k (inquire at swankety@gmail.com to purchase) I am offering smaller art at gift prices from my year end bargains.

Here are a few examples of small art that makes a large impact. Go to the shop to see more art from as low as $50! View the portfolio (look at all options in the drop down menu) for the rest of the paintings that are available and email for purchase.

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May’s New Growth

As May springs forward with all the Beltane promise of abundance and joy, I finished a new Art Furniture piece. In the Steampunk tradition of updating the old with swankety style, this New Growth Lingerie Chest is waiting to gracefully adorn your dressing room.

New Growth Lingerie Chest by Yabette
New Growth Lingerie Chest by Yabette

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