High Spirits with Stephanie Mufson

The adorable Stephanie Mufson is a creative force of talent, humor, and enterprising energy. She is another perfect third to the triangle foundation of this week’s Infinite Union:A 3 Woman Art Show. It’s especially wonderful that the Artist Reception on Saturday falls on her birthday and will be quite the celebration!

While she is currently creating constant commercial work as the manager of the Bay Area’s Parade Float and Prop House East West (Aka The Parade Guys) at pier 54 in San Francisco, she is also creating whimsical graphic art pieces. While their sculptural nature adds to the subject, their airy qualities of buoyant joy are quite evident!

"Floating II" mixed media, 32"x 20"
detail from “Floating II” mixed media, 32″x 20″

Here’s her thoughts on this current work: “Dark and Light. Interior and Exterior. Dreaming and awake. Us and Them. known and unknown. Alan Watts pointed out the obvious truism that you can’t have a front with out a back. They are inherently, inseparably connected, like two sides of the same coin.

The space in between, that liminal tunnel that connects one to its opposite, is the place that connects us all to each other and everything that is. And is not. And lost in the interwoven maze of material and metaphor, like a ship on the ocean, or a balloon amongst the stars, we find our selves tangled, alone. Together.”

"Floating" mixed media, 36x16"
detail from “Floating” mixed media, 36×16″

Make sure to catch Stephanie at the pop-up gallery at 66 6th St. in San Francisco this week from Friday December 13th, to Tuesday December 17th. XXOO Yabette

INFINITE UNION: a three woman art show

Swankety Swank maven, Yabette Alfaro, and Fearless Leader of Trickster Art Salon, Stephanie Mufson, have teamed up (again!) to bring you an artful experience with a Central Market San Francisco Pop-up Gallery.

Infinite Union Artist Reception 12.14.13
Infinite Union Artist Reception 12.14.13

What is our connection to the Earth, her seas, her oceans, her tribes, her history? Is she really just a rock floating through space? Three artists explore the cosmic connection with our planet and beyond.

This Show combines their artistic works with the talents of Carina Alia Earl for Infinite Union: a three woman art show.

The gallery will be open from December 13-17 with daily hours from 11am to 5pm.

The Artist Reception will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 66 6th Street off Market St. in San Francisco.

The gallery will host live painting throughout the week, Saturday Artist Reception and a Sunday Event, “Super-Powered: Tools for Life” presented by Storm Ricon and Chris Resciniti.

More information on this and all participating will be posted on this site.