IGTop in the shop

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I am please to say that most of the first batch of InstaGlamTops were sold the first week. The rest are available, including a few, special one-of-a-kind editions in the shop now. Grab one before it’s gone forever. Vintage Chiffon cannot be replicated!

I am excited to have found a perfect alchemy of comfort, style, and fit-for-most design. I am in the process of working out more designs for my upcoming hemp collection. If you missed the InstaGlamTop Look Book, you can view that here.

May we all find InstaSuccess in our endeavors this week! xxoo Yabette

black IGT EDIT
Design: Yabette, Model: Julie, Photography: Christine Donley Allababedi

Conch Call of new beginnings

As a child I was fascinated by a conch shell my Mother had as a souvenir from her honeymoon in the Bahamas. For me it was always a symbol of beauty and love and made me remember my parents’ photos of their young 20’s selves hanging out in the sunshine. In Hawaii, they use conch shells as trumpet-like instruments to signal the beginning of a large community ceremony or gathering.

conch-shell blow

In looking at the photo below, you can see this dresser needed a new beginning. I found it at a yard sale in my neighborhood, where its latest leg of life had it serving as tool storage in a dusty garage. (Surprisingly, this is a common story among many dressers I have transformed). Because it was so rough, I had to really think about tackling this project. But its bones where intact and the shape was still attractive, so I went for it!

Before, After, and detail on   The Conch Shell Dresser by Yabette
Before, After, and detail on The Conch Shell Dresser by Yabette

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