Winter Season Ready in Hemp Deb Top

I am super excited to share the piece that is going to change your life….it’s called the Deb Top!

Swankety Swank Hemp Collection Deb Top 2

The Deb Top is THAT TOP…the one you reach for when you want to throw on something cute and cozy. The one you can style with different pieces of jewelry to achieve different looks. The one that can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on your vibe. (I want it within a week, take me to the buy page now.) Continue reading

Get Cozy with Hot Headbands from the Hemp Collection

After a few hours of shooting some new pieces from the Hemp Collection, we moved outside to get our last couple shots. The light was absolutely perfect while Yabette was styling our model and muse, Bianca.

swankety swank hemp collection grey headband 3

Yabette and Bianca met on an art project Yabette was working on. I remember her telling me about this super cool young woman she met…Yabette immediately thought she would make an awesome Swankety Swank model because she’s not only cool and gorgeous, she’s also a socially conscious creator who does work in the theater world as a performer and playwright among her other many abilities.  (You should hear her sing!!) You can read more about Bianca here.  Continue reading

First Look At The Hemp Collection

Are you ready for Swankety Swank’s Global Fashion Citizens Hemp Collection? We are so excited to be sharing a sneak peak of our first release, the 2-Way Top. The 2-Way top is modeled by the gorgeous and talented Bay Area artist Emily Lounsbury.

Swankety Swank Two-Way Top Hemp Cotton Blend
The cotton in our hemp cotton blend is organic. Hemp is always an organic product as one of its magical properties is that it doesn’t need pesticides to help it grow.

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The Fashion Priorities of Global Citizens

If you want to really understand how Fast Fashion works in regards to the impact on human beings, society, and the environment, check out The True Cost, currently streaming on Netflix. The True Cost works backwards to show us how the clothes we wear are created. The film treks through the growing of raw materials, sweatshop production and labor, and why we indulge in fast fashion despite knowing its dark side.  The film does a wonderful job of bringing the human element into the narrative through interviews with workers  and leaders of the industry.

One of the main arguments for the continuation of fast fashion is that factory workers “could do a lot worse” with their job choices. Today, that’s just not good enough. We have embraced a consciousness of oneness with all living things. We advocate and act for our rights and for the rights of others. We know that with the higher consciousness, intellectual development and abundance existing in the world today, there are ways to produce goods without exploitation. A brand can be structured to uplevel people and communities; exploiting is no longer  an option.

Upleveling To The Possible

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Get a piece of pie!! "Angel Falls" watercolor  by Yabette
Get a piece of pie! “Angel Falls” watercolor by Yabette


We are living in a new paradigm of awareness for creating what we want.

We want paid. We eat!! Exposure will not feed us. This change has to come from us.

That ugly phrase, you know the one, has been an accepted part of our consciousness too long. We will never speak of that ridiculous, sad, outmoded stereotype fairy tale to each other, in reference to ourselves, and most definitely NOT ever to our children. When it is mentioned, we will gently and happily state with a smile, “Actually, I am an eating artist”.

From now on, we claim our value as an #EatingArtist

Join me in my campaign to rise up together to raise awareness that ARTISTS EAT!

Post your beautiful creative self, post your art, post your kid making art, post your new book, post your performance video, post your created dinner and hashtag it #EatingArtist

Join me as we decorate the Internet on all of our social media with #EatingArtist love!

Here is my first:

EAWishing you all much love and success! xxoo Yabette

Isn’t Life Luscious?

Having just returned from two months away from San Francisco, on an epic “Healing and Inspiration Journey” involving six states and two European countries, I applied myself straight away towards inspired projects. Here is the first of several in my energetic creation vortex!

luscious promoThis “Luscious” art show is a curated group of paintings celebrating the magic, the juice, and the mojo of the fantastical, the natural, and the abstract. Continue reading