My San Francisco Big Life

“Just because I’m not a size 12, doesn’t mean I have any less of a life to live. I’m a big girl…& I have a big life to live.” -Tess Munster

Sophia reigns as the most viewed Swankety Swank photo on flikr in the last 7 years
Sophia reigns as the most viewed Swankety Swank photo on flickr in the last 7 years

It is said that we become new every 7 years.

So this happened 7 years ago. I designed these fashions for a performance at The Supper Club of San Francisco. These sassy ladies showed us their cheeky, pin-up style, fun-filled selves for the photo shoot that Video Artist Three worked into the show at the club. I am forever grateful to everyone involved for helping me to bring this vision to fruition.

Why is it relevant today?

Because #EffYourBeautyStandards campaigner TessMunsterPlusSizedModel just this year of 2015 made herstory by signing a top model contract- the first for her size.

Of course we were pushing it all ahead of time 7 years ago, and how could we not when Swankety Swank shop’s first location was only a few doors away from the influential fat activist and weight diversity speaker Marilyn Wann‘s residence?

San Francisco is a thriving scene of women who are all sizes, pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes. I was lucky to cross paths with each and every woman who brought her spirit and glorious body to this project.

From Lady Monster to Jukie Sunshine, luscious women with big lives have come to this city and turned her out with their bold, winning performances and stunning beauty.

This was an artistic expression of adornment in every way- playing with all those cheeky bits of ultra feminine fancy, like lace and feathers, and bloomers and corsets; I do indeed love to work with fashion as art.

When I was in Amsterdam last Fall, I participated in a Breath Workshop. We all set an intention of focus beforehand, and mine was expansion. The universe is continuously expanding. I like this fact. The woman who facilitated it pulled me aside afterwards to let me know that continuing to do breathwork was a good idea to reduce my size. I reminded  her that I had asked for expansion! Of course, we both know that I did not mean physically, but I thought it was a great irony, as we women are “supposed to shrink”, no matter the country or setting. I had not joined a weight loss group, I was at a spiritual practice workshop, so I used my best non-judgmental Buddha self to not be annoyed with her. That was a fail.

Despite that bit of well meaning silliness, the breath workshop worked. I have been expanding- my ideas, my views, my inspiration. I plan to launch a new fashion line for Swankety Swank this Fall, debuting in Southern California. It will  be a vast departure from the frills and fancy of this 2008 archive. It will, in fact, be an androgynous line. It will be inspired by my mystical journey through GeorgiaO’Keefe’s lands. It will be hemp. It will feature many sizes. I will keep you informed here.

Enjoy my expression with fashion and music from 7 years ago. Now I am new. xxoo Yabette

One thought on “My San Francisco Big Life

  1. I was so lucky that Swankety Swank happened near me! Can’t wait for your new line of clothing. Sounds like everything I crave. Expand!!!


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